• Bring out your scrap!  All projects this session will revolve around transforming the materials, scrap and unfinished projects hanging out in your toolbox into beautiful, wearable pieces.

  • These can range in size and shape and gauge. If you don't have extra metal stock or scrap with potential, alternative materials (wood, plastic, etc.) may be used instead. 

Additional materials needed:

  • Project 1:  Earring posts and wires  - 2ft. 20g sterling silver round wire,  1" x 1" 22g sterling silver sheet
  • Project 2:  Tension pinback  - 3" of 14g square wire, 3" of 2mm thick wall tubing, 1mm I.D., spring-steel or piano wire available for purchase at the studio
  • Project 3:  Hidden link necklace  -  3ft 20g wire of choice 

Recommended Tools

  • Large half round file (cut 0 and cut 2), a good set of needle files, parallel jaw pliers, round-nose pliers, jeweler’s saw with #2, 2/0 and 4/0 blades,
  • 6” metal ruler with millimeters, miter jig, Hard, Med, and Easy solder, riveting hammer and drill bits.